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  Directory: GPS develop
  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2010-03-17
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  Uploader: LJJ
 Describe: On the GPS in the BOC signal generation, power spectral density simulation, the autocorrelation function as well as with the C/A code cross-correlation simulation program. Of the BOC can effectively analyze the characteristics of the signal
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 [GPS_acquisition.rar] - GPS signal acquisition procedures, using serial search algorithm, and bring their own copies of the three IF sampling data.
 [DPLLdll_code.rar] - communications systems, signal acquisition and synchronization of digital PLL MATLAB simulation program

 [Tracking.rar] - GPS signal baseband signal in the IEEE article, track and capture
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 [ca.rar] - A complete GPS signal acquisition process simulation-matlab, a complete GPS signal acquisition process simulation-matlab
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 [BOC_BPSK.rar] - GPS signals BPSK and BOC modulation signal of the power spectrum matlab simulation program, you can compare the two to combine learning
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 [gps_matlab_simulik.rar] - Communication GPS navigation on the basis of BOC modulation matlab simulation knowledge and information well