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SiRFprima_Developer_Manual software engineering 1940000 source codes to download -
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 [] - sirf DEMO USER GUIDE
 [] - In the PC running and burn boot of sirf AVI chips
 [sirf.rar] - Gunther is a special kind of floating production gps home, has introduced a lot of gps chip

 [prima.rar] - I think this paper is quite significant and helpful for improving circuit analysis.
 [EBOOT.rar] - This is a series of arm embedded bootloader program. The bootloader on the need to prepare a good reference
 [PDSH0055_r1.0_sirfatlasIV_AT8401_Series_Applicati] - sirf Atlas IV Processor DataSheet
 [NMEAMsg.rar] - This is a sirf STAR III analytic code satellite signals.
 [sirf3_programer.rar] - GPS sirf3 on behalf of the module to modify the program, you can modify the internal GPS module parameters.
 [CommTest.rar] - sirf A4 prima serial test source with VS2005 compile and test success!
 [CPU_J-Tag_pinouts.rar] - CPU J-Tag pinouts (Top View): sirfprima_pinout.png SiRFatlasIV_pinout.png SiRFatlasIII_pinout.png Samsung_S3C2440A_Pinout.png Samsung_S3C2416X_Pi