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 Describe: ¡¾1¡¿ ¡¾2-random sequence generation process white noise generation process¡¿ ¡¾3¡¿ M sequence generation process ¡¾4¡¿ to complete a one-time second-order system least-squares identification procedure ¡¾5¡¿ actual pressure system least-squares identification procedure ¡¾6¡¿ Delivery Push the least squares identification procedure augmented ¡¾7¡¿ ¡¾8¡¿ least square identification procedures for gradient correction least square identification procedure ¡¾9¡¿ Recursive maximum likelihood identification procedures ¡¾10¡¿ ¡¾11¡¿ Bayes identification procedures Improved neural network algorithm MBP noise system identification procedure ¡¾12¡¿ multi-dimensional nonlinear function identification program Matlab program ¡¾13¡¿ fuzzy neural network decoupling Matlab program ¡¾14¡¿ F-test part of the program
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 [Systemidentificationandneuralnetwork.rar] - err
 [9927392rlscompare.rar] - this program is very useful for the comparison of lms and recursive least square method for beamforming in the application of wireless communication
 [f_lms.rar] - Equalization technique is to overcome inter-symbol interference (Inter-Symbol Interference, ISI) and effective measures, due to the randomness of the

 [] - MATLAB-based nonlinear neural network system identification package.
 [NonlinearSystemidentification.rar] - Based on CAMC/PID Nonlinear System identification
 [LS_CAR.rar] - This procedure is based on the CAR of the recursive least squares algorithm, using the language of system identification for beginners
 [rls_identifikation.rar] - RLS identification algorithm. RLS is used to identify a discrete time model of a plant operating in open-loop based on the recursive least squares
 [ApplicationofFuzzyNeuralNetworkinDriverFatigueDete] - Can make use of MATLAB realization of fuzzy neural network simulation, but no MATLAB source code here, we look forward to its realization
 [FNN_MATLAB.rar] - fuzzy neural network
 [mxul.rar] - m sequence generator, can produce 63 m sequence, can produce 63 m sequence,