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WChinaTool_v0.4.2 scanner for MTK determine the version of fu MTK
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  Directory: MTK
  Dev tools: Windows_Unix
  File size: 300 KB
  Update: 2010-01-29
  Downloads: 8
  Uploader: loh_1
 Describe: scanner for MTK determine the version of full
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 [] - um path para cel mtk
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 [mtkrcode_reader.rar] - reader code for mobile mtk platform
 [BROM_DLL_V2.4_Development_Kit_User_Manual.rar] - BROM On MTK platform for information, with a secret. BROM_DLL_V2.4_Development_Kit_User_Manual
 [MTK6225PCB.rar] - MT6225 Mobile 6-layer PCB, PADS to open. MTK mobile phone design for the staff very helpful.
 [MtkReplacer_0.5.rar] - Mtk replacer tool for mtk rom
 [MTK.rar] - MTK process software compiler, compiler tools and aids, tools programmer Flash_tool.exe procedures can be