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quadtree Windows Develop
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  Directory: Windows Develop
  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2010-01-27
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  Uploader: juliet_sehar
 Describe: quadtree decomposition of images
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 [Quadtree.rar] - This is an example of Quadtree code ~~~~~~~ d3d ~ ~ ~
 [images_filter_median.rar] - Given an image. Implement the split and merge procedure for segmenting the image with different values for minimum dimensions of the Quadtree re
 [] - Quadtree decomposition [Encoding] and Decoding of RGB Image

 [] - Implement the split and merge procedure for segmenting
 [Quadtree_coding.rar] - This code is for Quadtree partitioning of image...
 [] - Quadtree implementation in matlab
 [erzhiyasuo.rar] - Can use run-length coding and Quadtree coding of image binary compression.
 [2XC.rar] - trip is to achieve data compression, reducing the amount of data a good method, and also includes a Quadtree coding
 [sichashufenjie.rar] - Several simple Quadtree decomposition procedure, mainly used for image segmentation
 [final.rar] - A matlab based on PC sound card and the real-time voice signal acquisition analysis system with graphic interface, function better