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  Update: 2010-01-13
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  Uploader: 韩琦
 Describe: toolkit for sparse coding
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 [mp.rar] - Improved matching pursuit signal decomposition sparse code, based on time-frequency gabor atom, for better voice signal reconstruction
 [matlab.rar] - Including the Newton method, Lagrangian method, LU decomposition method, 100* 100 band sparse matrix equations of the solution, etc.
 [figure64.rar] - sparse decomposition image reconstruction process, the image is divided into a number of small images, then each sub-block redevelopment edge after th

 [WinsparseNet.ZIP] - sparse coding procedures, To run sparsenet, you will first need to compile the conjugategradient (cgf) routine so that it may be called through matlab
 [5.rar] - Is a multi-layer sparse coding on the network to learn, are welcome to download.
 [OlshausenField1997.rar] - Is over-complete dictionary based sparse coding algorithm, for over-complete base of much help.
 [adapting.rar] - Given to the principle of sparse coding will be 10 coefficients of natural images into separate image-based.
 [sparse_coding.rar] - .sparse coding algorithm.We can also apply it onefficient sparse coding algorithm to a new machine learning framework called "self-taught learning", w
 [sparse_representation.rar] - the document is related to signal and image processing field,briefly it s an introduction to sparse representation.sparse representation is a new comp
 [CVPR09-ScSPM.rar] - This package contains the Matlab codes implementing the ScSPM algorithm described in CVPR 09 paper "Linear Spatial Pyramid Matching using sparse Codin