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strapdown matlab
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  Directory: matlab
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  Update: 2010-01-14
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 Describe: Strapdown inertial navigation algorithm matlab implementation, enclosing the coordinates of points, for example.
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 [796e50c2-1775-4730-8213-2225004ca5c1.rar] - Matlab numerical calculation using the power and, modeling the characteristics of easy to implement " a strapdown inertial navigation system of th
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 [sins.rar] - strapdown inertial navigation static base and the platform initial alignment process, C language, a good routine

 [SINS_Kalman.rar] - strapdown inertial navigation systems, GPS/SINS Integrated Navigation System Simulation Program
 [] - First, data on: 1: inertial navigation system that links the north bit of the Czech system. Initial longitude 116.344695283 degrees latitude 39.9751
 [] - Paul G. Savage strapdown Analytics
 [ins.rar] - strapdown algorithm, combined with public functions together with a complete strapdown algorithm.
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