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ip ELanguage 240 source codes to download -
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  Directory: ELanguage
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  Update: 2009-12-31
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 Describe: The easy language to take outside this aircraft net IP the sound code, does not have any module, pure core support storehouse
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 [ep2p.rar] - Easy language to write the P2P process! Need to look at the reference, are you!
 [getmac.rar] - Easy language check MAC address, instead of using modules
 [FTPDown.rar] - Easy language code: FTP download documents, the language easy to realize with FTP file download example

 [yxyke.rar] - Easy remote control of source language features than the full-
 [eyuyan-liaotian.rar] - Easy language to write an online chat room full source code, useful friends can refer to the following! ! The original author: luyanting5
 [QQ.rar] - Easy language to write programs
 [MVAbaohuke.rar] - MVA protection module to protect against false positives is not easy to break the language but not absolutely prevent people break
 [OurMsg.rar] - Super-invincible Internet chat source code, hematemesis recommendation, do not look at a certain regret it
 [networkIP.rar] - Access to external network IP
 [] - Log configuration source, the scent of ink must set up, we shared