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  Update: 2009-12-26
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  Uploader: 张铭泽
 Describe: basic code for Unit Commitment(including mainUC, economic dispatch and dynamic program)
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 [ED.rar] - Net loss of power system considering the economic dispatch procedures used are the classic example, a good practical example.
 [eld.rar] - economic load dispatch by quadratic programming
 [MIP.rar] - solving mixed integer linear programming branch and bound method ,and the program can solve unit commitment problem

 [dianlixitongjizuzuhe.rar] - Power System unit commitment Problem algorithm, based on the electricity market fast algorithm
 [] - Genetic algorithm solution to unit commitment problem
 [optimizationinMatlab.rar] - MATLAB Optimization Calculation of 20 cases. M documents, including quadratic interpolation, Golden Section, penalty function method, genetic algorith
 [AntColonyAlgorithmMatlabProgram(AlreadyRunning).ra] - Ant colony algorithm matlab program (already running), active code, and detailed documentation, matlab simulation data and parameter input values are
 [] - The programme can be used to calculate the individual generator outputs that will best meet the demand of a power system so as to solve the economic d
 [dongtaiguihua.rar] - Hydropower dynamic planning process inside the economy
 [a.rar] - Matrix-based real-coded genetic algorithm for solving large-scale unit commitment problem