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SMDK2416_Users_Manual_rev00 s3c the latest development , PDF format. Which have been used s3c ARM-PowerPC-ColdFire-MIPS
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  Directory: ARM-PowerPC-ColdFire-MIPS
  Dev tools: Visual C++
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  Update: 2009-12-13
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  Uploader: lwsun00
 Describe: s3c2416 the latest development manual, PDF format. Which have been used s3c2416 idea where to do development needs, as well as the official demo board shows that the use of sumsang the ARM9 platform, a good reference for a friend
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  SMDK2416_Users_Manual_rev0 0.pdf
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 [ds_s3c2416x_rev10.rar] - PDF format s3c2416 sc32416 the DATASHEET, is the latest immediately under the ah
 [IROM_Fusing_Tool.rar] - IROM_Fusing source Quick User Guide of NAND fusing toolthat is Using iROM SD/MMC booting
 [2450_ohci.rar] - This is above s3c2416 platform usb host driver-side code written in a very strong very good, mainly for usb host controller driver.

 [mmu.rar] - mmu programming for arm
 [S3C2440_Demo.rar] - the demo process based on S3C2440
 [smdk2416_cpu_ddr2.rar] - s3c2416 the latest official demo board schematics, is to use the ARM9 platform sumsang a good reference for a friend, wish to give a friend a little h
 [smdk2416_rev0_1_cpu_ddr2_080529.rar] - Samsung ARM9 s3c2416 new circuit drawings, supports DDR2, MLC FLASH
 [2440_wince600.rar] - Samsung s3c2410 s3c2440 s3c2412 s3c2416 s3c2413 s3c2443 s3c6400 s3c6410 the WINCE 5.0 to wince 6.0 code of the BSP package the transplant procedure. .
 [Eboot.rar] - samsung s3c2413 eboot source
 [] - Manual for Samsung s3c2416 processor (647 pages)