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FBG Uniform grating matlab simulation program, transfer matrix method
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  Directory: matlab
  Dev tools: Visual C++
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  Update: 2009-12-10
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 Describe: Uniform grating matlab simulation program, transfer matrix method
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 [FBG.rar] - FBG
 [] - fiber bragg grating file
 [gauss.rar] - Chirped grating matlab simulation program to facilitate the learning Grating

 [LFPG.rar] - Long-period grating transmission spectrum MATLAB simulation algorithm is based on the grating coupling theory.
 [jlu.rar] - Fiber Bragg Grating FBG long-period fiber grating phase-shift FBG Fiber Bragg Grating apodization sampling Fiber Bragg Gratings
 [clubSys.rar] - jdbc+javaBean+jsp+mssql
 [QPSK.rar] - QPSk simulation procedures, including the AWGN channel and Rayleigh channel waveforms as well as the constellation diagram
 [Fiber-Bragg-Gratings-by-layer-peeling.rar] - Layer stripping algorithm for the use of separation as well as changes in Fourier methods, the use of Matlab programming language analysis of fiber Br
 [FibreGrating.rar] - FIBREGRATING Calculates the intensity distribution for FBG
 [FBG-TMM.rar] - Fiber Bragg Grating Delay reflection spectrum (including uniform and non-uniform fiber Bragg grating) Oh very useful