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AV_VGA_RGB_HDMI_DVI Multimedia program 2620000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: Multimedia program
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  Update: 2009-12-06
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 Describe: Audio and video matrix, including: AV, VGA, RGB, HDMI, DVI, interface specification, signal bandwidth, computing, EMI
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 [audioandvideomatrixcontrol.Rar] - audio and video matrix of Serial control procedures can be achieved eight into four control. While providing udp eavesdropping, the receiving network
 [video_switch_asm.rar] - VGA Video Switch Matrix Mary source using PIC 16F628 to achieve 8* 8 video switching.
 [dvi_10.rar] - DVI 1.0 Specification

 [color.rar] - rgb color demo program, you can by adjusting the scroll bar or numbers to reach the purpose to change the screen colors.
 [RGB.rar] - RGB driver interface, including the external FLASH read and display, print ASC fonts, button scanning and processing
 [] - SMPTE 259m, SDI, YGBGR
 [zhuahang1.rar] - ad9983 test video signal code and the project using a xilinx the virtex4 but does not include I2C
 [MAIN_RX_V10.rar] - 8-Channel Video Optical Receiver side of VHDL source code, using the Gigabit Ethernet SERDES chip, based on the TBI interface PCM video transmission.
 [hdmiSpecification1.4.rar] - hdmi Specification 1.4
 [hdmi_Spec_1.3_GM1.rar] - hdmi agreements detailing the contents of the agreement hdmi, hdmi engaged in the design and application help