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tmd // Themida/Winlicense version 1.x/2.x dumper/fixer by Seek n Destroy // Th Crypt_De algrithms
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  Directory: Crypt_Decrypt algrithms
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  Update: 2009-11-29
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  Uploader: jackhao
 Describe: // Themida/Winlicense version 1.x/2.x dumper/fixer by Seek n Destroy // // The script is XP only, VISTA has a different stack antidump. // // // If you don t use VM (heap & stack) antidump redirector set the UseVM variable to 0. // If version retrieving fails, set version_check to zero // The script log holds vital information, always read it. // // Exceptions must all be ticked and no other breakpoints must be available. // Start the script at the system breakpoint.. Use Phantom. // EP breakpoint must be available. //-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // What does this script not fix: //-Custom memory loaded dll s (Doable in script but rarely used) // ////////////////////////////////-----Options-----////////////////////////////////////////
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