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  Update: 2009-11-16
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 Describe: MATLAB-GUI graphical user interface based on digital image processing software of the system design is based on GUI graphical interface, using matlab language to write code to achieve functionality, including image reading, storage, display, histogram equalization, thresholding, wavelet decomposition, wavelet reconstruction, add noise, denoising, smoothing, sharpening, edge detection, image segmentation, etc.
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 [2.rar] - Digital image processing: segmentation and morphology threshold treatment, the procedure was completed excellent graphics extraction, including proced
 [MATLABgui.rar] - gui application of MATLAB programming interface for example, the church how you use Matlab gui
 [] - err

 [MATLAB_code_of_image_processing.rar] - Basically, the gui functions including the most basic image processing inside the handle, which is equivalent to a small photoshop. For example, read
 [tuxiangzenqiang.rar] - Chapter XIII MATLAB image enhancement 13.1 pixel gray-scale transformation to enhance the value of 13.1.1 and 13.1.2 Histogram of the statistical char
 [waveletNotes.Rar] - wavelet study notes, the entry required reading! To prepare the students ready to learn.
 [fouriormiaoshuzi.rar] - In MATLAB environment, using Fourier descriptors to describe the shape of the image for the matlab code
 [22222.rar] - Wavelet denoising, soft thresholding and hard thresholding, as well as design their own threshold denoising function, the design of a full set of grad
 [3MATLAB.rar] - code P0301 : digital image data matrix display and Fourier Transform P0302 : two-dimensional discrete cosine transform image compression P0303 : using
 [partenhance.rar] - This for my own use MATLAB series on the details can be enhanced adaptive histogram equalization method on the realization of the plan like handling p