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  Update: 2009-11-04
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 Describe: zernike matlab code function. . . . .
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 [zernike.rar] - matlab zernike
 [] - Calculation of zernike moments from binary image BW
 [zernike.rar] - Using matlab to achieve the solution of coefficient zernike template to avoid the trouble of manual calculation and the complexity of

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 [zernike.rar] - zernike Moment Moment Invariant Feature zernike Moment Moment Invariant Feature
 [zernike.rar] - Using MATLAB computing zernike moments for invariant features of. Applied to image processing.
 [GPSGCNH.rar] - fitting surface, known to input data, fitting out factor, again into the unknown point of the X, Y coordinates calculated!
 [FFT_Z_Hu_lwen.rar] - zernike moments of the source code, very good, and Matlab series, it is worth the download
 [zernike1.rar] - zernike moments algorithm, Matlab language can be used for image matching, etc.
 [Contourlet.rar] - Aiming atmedical image database, a novelmedical image retrieval algorithm based on texture and shape information is p roposed. The nonsubsamp led Con