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  Directory: Embeded-SCM Develop
  Dev tools: C-C++
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  Update: 2009-11-02
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  Uploader: tinvin
 Describe: 1, based on 8051 2, LCD screen controls three yards off, the system parameters and register settings
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 [] - Source to drive ht1621 LCD. For Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Language: C Compiler: winavr
 [ht1621.rar] - LCD Driver IC ht1621 control, serial mode to send data, successive lit LCD screen, and specify the location of display data has been tested.
 [Keil.rar] - SCM beginner books

 [driver.rar] - ht1621 driver C language version of the basic version is a generic
 [ht1621.rar] - Development subprogram ht1621 can be embedded directly into their main attention to the development of source code is written ht1621 timing to comply
 [ht1621.rar] - LCD driver chips ht1621 drivers, c51 c debugging, can be assured use
 [ht1621.rar] - Display technology and circuit 1621, 1621 display technology and circuit
 [ht16xx.rar] - ht16xx LCD driver, useful, welcome to download. A password to extract passwords note that the procedures do not have the passwords.
 [ht1621.rar] - Segment LCD Pen procedure common, very useful, welcome to download
 [Scm002.rar] - ht1621-driven LCD ~ regardless of a major method of dealing with truth table