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book js to achieve fflippage, and we are naturally open , like giving a fresh fee JavaScript
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  Update: 2009-10-28
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 Describe: js to achieve fflippage, and we are naturally open book, like giving a fresh feeling
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 [zidongfanshu.rar] - FlashMx produced by the effect of automatic book, though not a perfect system, but also spent quite a long time
 [MyBook.rar] - Use windows api to write on the C++ Book under the effect of simulation procedures. Can use the mouse and camera dual control. At the same time, the c
 [book_.rar] - A very good implementation of fflippage, 3D models, completely original, very helpful to learn opengl ah!

 [] - JavaScript Pagecurl Effect Code
 [jssourceDaquan.Rar] - js source Daquan, a variety used to achieve js pages magic source, including text, images, menus, mouse, background, etc. pages.
 [FlippingBook.rar] - A good source code open book effect of JavaScript. To give your web site cool! ! !
 [flash_make_ebook.rar] - This is a set of upload, a back FLASH e-Magazine as one source, UI design is very nice. Not to be missed excellent source compressed package includes:
 [] - zhubajie zidong fanyi buhaoshi a
 ["JavaScriptlanguagereference,"theCh] - JavaScript manual, detailing its use. Various examples of which contains