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Pool Game Program 2710000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: Game Program
  Dev tools: Delphi
  File size: 358 KB
  Update: 2003-10-12
  Downloads: 396
  Uploader: Õ¾³¤
 Describe: -Source code of 3d pool game
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 [ChessRoadOK.rar] - 1, the software Go to fight the spectrum, editing batter, every step toward the right to write about their feelings and experiences the increase in th
 [bomb.Rar] - flash game, "Ultimate Billiards bomb" source. Only FLa document. After opening with flash can generate flash operation.
 [3dexplotion.rar] - use directx9 achieve fireball explosion!

 [game.Zip] - Go games, can play the Go spectrum Notation function, nor can watch others go down the batter
 [Engine3D.rar] - Asphyre use 3D game engine prepared sample code, have to learn the value of!
 [] - billiards game, including engine code and resources, a very fine
 [3Dbilliardsgame.Rar] - use OpenGL 3D developed a billiards game, procedures, including ball and the ball Collision Detection
 [3DMAX.rar] - Rendering 3D MAX
 [SoonMail.rar] - original procedure. Delphi environment with pure API completed an anonymous spammers modules. Involving local DNS read, MX Analysis and the use of SMT
 [20076814241926.rar] - A similar pattern Monopoly game on the back word software, used ibm tts speech synthesis components, 3-dimensional outer Palace 9 puzzles. delphi sour