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histeq A matlab code for image processing u ogram equalization
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  Update: 2009-10-12
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  Uploader: natalia
 Describe: A matlab code for image processing using histogram equalization
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 [histeq.rar] - own addendum to the histogram equalization Matlab source, the image histogram equalization
 [programs.rar] - We have added following files in matlab thresholding 2.histogram equalization 3.low and high pass filtering 4.various masks 5.zooming 6
 [] - implementing histogram equalization for image enhancement

 [HW3-Sheakhah-427220112-mask-laplacian_sobel.rar] - it is in image processing field. this code Read TIFF Image then it excute compute histogram and histogram equalization. after that it Write TIFFU unsi
 [main.rar] - histogram equalization (Histogram Equalization) for a use of statistical methods of image processing programming, its function as a statistical histog
 [histeq.rar] - histogram specification to achieve the function and the histogram equalization function
 [matlab.rar] - Image gray-scale transformation, image sharpening, histogram equalization (histogram equalization), histogram matching (histogram matching), ave
 [histogram.rar] - histogram correlation algorithm based on the preparation of the histogram transformation process, including equalization and matching. Please read the
 [project.rar] - histogram equalization and brightness adjustment, image processing on a few basic procedures
 [histeq.rar] - Global and local histogram equalization