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  Update: 2009-10-04
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 Describe: fullfill Alamouti algorithm in MIMO(2X2) using matlab
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 [SBTC.rar] - mimo system simulation of space-time block codes, including 2* 2 alamouti coding, 1/2 the rate of space-time block codes
 [mimo-alamouti.rar] - its about multi input multi output & alamouti system
 [mimo.rar] - a simple mimo code using 2*2 transmitter and antenna. and measure the bit error rate performance based on the signal to noise ratio

 [try5.rar] - Script for computing the BER for BPSK modulation in a Rayleigh fading channel with 2 Tx, 2Rx mimo channel Zero Forcing equalization
 [2Tx-2Rx-STBC-mimo.rar] - This is a 2 on the 2 admission, STBC mimo model, the model, MIMO can see from the data generated to the final data modulation of the whole process of
 [] - Matlab using space-time coding on the multi-antenna system of space-time coding alamouti the simulation, channel for Rayleigh fading channels
 [mimo_channel_sim.m.rar] - mimo channels using Matlab simulation program prepared by the
 [alamouti.rar] - Rayleigh Fading Channels Space-Time Coding Simulation Program: 1.2 transmission antennas, a receiving antenna 2. The highest SNR 12dB, that is, simula
 [] - In this programe a highly scattered enviroment is considered. The Capacity of a mimo channel with nt transmit antenna and nr recieve antenna is analyz
 [alamouticode.rar] - alamouti in BPSK and QPSK compare performance simulation under