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  Update: 2009-08-18
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 Describe: The completion of ultrasound-based adaptive anisotropic image denoising and edge enhancement method, reference Adaptive Anisotropic Diffusion for Ultrasonic Image Denoising and Edge Enhancement.pdf, joined the m parameters
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 [eps_2D.rar] - Bao-edge two-dimensional smoothing algorithm for image denoising, while maintaining the image edge information
 [NonLocal.tar.gz] - Smoothing denoising algorithms
 [] - diffusion equation of the MATLAB code: can be used for image smoothing, denoising, image filtering and edge treatment, such as

 [imagedenoisingscalespace.rar] - diffusion process in the use of noise after smoothing the introduction of anti-diffusion process to restore the edge, combined with scale space theory
 [enhance2.rar] - regional adaptive histogram equalization for image enhancement applies to ultrasound images, Ultrasound images of the Gray also enhanced good results.
 [] - Anisotropic diffusion
 [] - Anisotropic diffusion equation based on a classic SAR image speckle noise reduction algorithm can be directly used, very good!
 [example.rar] - The use of regularization method for the restoration of blurred images of the algorithm, resulting in an image, and then adding noise to the input of
 [speciastrength.rar] - A Fast Edge enhanced procedures, matlab source. Have the test.
 [tvdenoise.rar] - PDE-based denoising of the image edge to retain the source code Total Variation Image Denoisin