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  Update: 2009-07-29
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 Describe: Basically, the gui functions including the most basic image processing inside the handle, which is equivalent to a small photoshop. For example, read the document, the geometric transformation of the vertical mirroring, shifting, rotating, zooming orthogonal transformation of the DFT, FFT, DCT, DST, DHT, DWashT anti-gray color processing, histogram equalization, global linear transformation , piecewise linear transformation, index of non-linear transform of the number of non-linear transformation image enhancement which increases the noise, smoothing, sharpening, pseudo-color enhancement the gray-scale image segmentation inside the threshold, Robert, Laplace, sobel, prewitt, canny edge detection operator method image restoration inside direct inverse filtering, Wiener filtering image coding inside the Huffman code, and so on Run-Length Coding
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