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CalculateUserPosition GPS develop 2150000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: GPS develop
  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2009-02-11
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 Describe: GPS code pseudorange positioning
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 [] - This is gps in matlab calculatePseudoranges finds relative pseudoranges for all satellites listed in CHANNELLIST at the specified millisecond of the
 [] - The use of multi-antenna gps carrier phase technology, attitude determination software.
 [final-gps.rar] - Calc_Azimuth_Elevation£»Distance£»ECEF2gps£»Error_Ionospheric_Klobuchar£»Error_Satellite_Clock_Offset£»Error_Tropospheric_Hopfield

 [Matlab_gps_Toolbox[1].rar] - gps TOOLBOX contain the following elements: 1, GPS-related constants and conversion factor 2, the perspective transform 3, coordinate system convers
 [] - satellite selection algorithm in matlab, optimized for simulation speed. it is a fast algorithm and this is the simulation script
 [spp.rar] - The use of gps satellite pseudorange single point positioning procedures, accuracy of around 10m
 [feijidinywei.rar] - positioning of the aircraft in the aviation application is very extensive, the source is realized using Matlab, to accurately simulate aircraft in the
 [bancroft.rar] - gps positioning source code, references to: An Algebraic Solution of the GPS Equations
 [aided_ins_15_state.rar] - gps/INS integrated navigation Matlab simulation program
 [gps.rar] - gps data processing source code, provided ephemeris treatment, pseudo-range positioning, carrier positioning function.