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Rijndael C complete encryption algorithm in J2ME and realize there is d _De alg s
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  Directory: Crypt_Decrypt algrithms
  Dev tools: Java
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  Update: 2009-02-10
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 Describe: C complete Rijndael encryption algorithm Rijndael in J2ME and realize there is documentation to explain the principles of Rijndael
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 [AES.rar] - AES-Rijndael algorithm detailed information, including the AES encryption algorithm in C language and its SBox realize. PdfFIPS197 (chs). PdfFIPS197.p
 [] - Arithmetic for integers of almost rijndae l for C and C. Developed for linux
 [Crypt.rar] - j2me achieve AES encryption, due to demand in j2me on BouncyCastle mobilization of the package, which occurred less than 128 to add the issue of deman

 [Rijndael.rar] - Rijndael.rar: by VS2005 debugging MFC under WIN32 platform applications, the use of Rijndael method of any form of computer files increases, decryptio
 [] - AES java version of document encryption and decryption. Which contains examples.
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