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SMDK6410_WinCE6.0_SDK S3C SDK Windows CE
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  Directory: Windows CE
  Dev tools: Visual C++
  File size: 5893 KB
  Update: 2009-01-24
  Downloads: 311
  Uploader: softchip
 Describe: S3C6410 SMDK6410 WinCE6.0 SDK
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 [smdk6410_users_manual_rev1.0.rar] - Samsung S3C6410 development board user manual in July 2008 24 version 1.0SMDK6410 Rev0.2 detailed description, including a complete circuit board
 [gles2_0.rar] - S3C6410 SMDK6410 wince6.0 OpenGL ES 2.0 library
 [st8_develop_20081225.rar] - I personally prepared the car dvd procedures, which contains amplifier, eq, rds, tuner, dsa communication protocols, such as a series of procedures ar

 [] - s3c2450 bsp for wince 5.0 certified, totally no problem
 [aku6.1.rar] - PLATFORM BUILDER FOR WINDOWS MOBILE 5.0、6.1,AKU FOR WM6.1 ,aku for windows mobile 6.1,aku 6.1 for windows mobile,开发平台,编译系统,带BSP包,有s3c2440,s3c2442,sc32
 [SMDK6410_WinCE60_FMD_REL_0.34_080902.rar] - S3C6410 wince6.0 BSPSMDK6410FMD
 [] - ATMEL9261 wince 6.0 BSP source code! Is an open C, C source code is not bin version of the BSP.
 [45646545.rar] - WINCE system development process description, Platform Builder, introduced the use of
 [navigator.rar] - the WinCE platform using EVC development of the "armed with tourism Navigation System"
 [GuidetothedevelopmentofWindowsCE.Rar] - Guide to the development of Windows CE! Suggest to vomit blood! English original! Windows CE development engineers the necessary information!