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  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2008-12-29
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 Describe: Digital camera image restoration process, from the CCD data recovery a complete three-color image
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 [phase_div.rar] - The phase difference based on blind deconvolution algorithm, vogel
 [RestoreToolsNoIP.rar] - A very good image restoration tools, matlab prepared source code.
 [] - This is the code that was used in the papers "A Nonnnegatively Constrained Convex Programming Method for Image Reconstruction", "Total Variation-Pena

 [light1.rar] - not allowed for optical confocal image restoration methods Just so diffraction image deformation, image restoration back.
 [] - img huifu
 [sensor.rar] - sensor
 [Demosaicing.rar] - This is a mosaic tools to software, the realization of image analysis and the development of digital cameras has an important value.
 [adaptivegeneticagrithorm.rar] - based on adaptive technology GA Matlab source can be applied to the image denoising
 [demosaic-adaptive_color.rar] - Demosaic algorithm for raw images.
 [exponent.rar] - vc image processing can be achieved in many different functions, including image restoration images, and so on. The main procedures for the image proc