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  Update: 2008-12-17
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 Describe: Written and directed the multi-objective particle swarm optimization, you can run, oh.
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 [psoSAT.rar] - Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and Its Application in SAT and multi-objective planning application, outstanding master s thesis, and the commun
 [pso.rar] - This package is used for particle swarm optimization to 16 classic function of the smallest maximum value, in which user-friendly, run-time dynamic tw
 [Mpso.rar] - more goals in Matlab pso procedures, the text set up two goals, f1 and f2. using the weighted solution!

 [jMetal.1.5.tar.gz] - This is a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm package, the integrated package includes a recent popular, commonly used in multi-objective evolution
 [work.rar] - Test Paper multi-target simulation program, graduation is a good material design
 [liziqun.rar] - Made with C language on the particle swarm process and code, look forward to further verify
 [psotoolbox.rar] - pso algorithm toolbox, U.S. can be used to optimize multi-objective problem!
 [psotb-beta-0.4.rar] - pso algorithm toolbox, I tried, but is useful, and I hope to help you live
 [pso_constrian.rar] - pso algorithm for solving constrained optimization problems, including all source code and the computing picture. Writing papers is made of.
 [benchmarks_test_pso.rar] - pso algorithm (PSO) standard test function verification process. M in a document, including the current literature is used to validate the seven stand