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  Directory: AI-NN-PR
  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2008-12-19
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 Describe: MATLAB neural network for digital identification of the source code, you can identify the number of good, Digits Recognition described
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 [digit_Recognition.rar] - digital Identification of matlab simulation, cutting through the images, there was a further neural network training, can achieve good results
 [simplecharrec.rar] - A handwritten numeral recognition source, a complete identification procedures
 [szsb121.rar] - through neural network for digital identification, only increasing the number seven, can increase the number to 10

 [Matlab.rar] - Matlab neural network-based text-letter identification, very good with Oh, you download it
 [] - this is digit recognition using som
 [bp.rar] - I write with bp network digital identification procedures, the number of drawing tools is the
 [sj.rar] - MATLAB neural network for digital identification of the source code
 [BP-MATLAB.rar] - Based on BP neural network matlab program can achieve several fonts on the figure 0-9 to identify the document training network packet compression
 [DTW.rar] - A continuous digital speech recognition procedures, extraction mfcc, using DTW to achieve recognition, there are documents
 [P0816.rar] - digital character identification code in the image character recognition processing useful