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keyscanverilog Keyboard code, 4* 4, , and thank you for support VHDL-FPGA-
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  Directory: VHDL-FPGA-Verilog
  Dev tools: VHDL
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  Update: 2008-12-19
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  Uploader: xuyin108
 Describe: Keyboard scan code, 4* 4, verilog, and thank you for support
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 [3_4 4.rar] - verilog keyboard input program for led lights display
 [jianpan.rar] - This is what I use verilog language source matrix keyboard
 [NumClock.rar] - based Altera FPGA series (Cyclone EP1C3T144C8) , verilog HDL, MAX7219 Digital Display chips, 4x4 matrix keyboard, TDA2822 chip power amplifier and lou

 [verilog[lattice].rar] - This is a very good value verilog tutorial, I am going to be intended to greatly therefore, contribute to the U.S. again, I hope everybody help.
 [keyscan.rar] - 4 4 keyboard scan verilog code, the CPLD on the board realize
 [key_scan.rar] - verilog keyboard scanning, digital tube display program, there is no increase in consumer Buffeting
 [wave_produce_VHDL.rar] - err
 [key.rar] - vhdl fpga control the key_board
 [verilogHDL44keyboard.rar] - verilog hdl 4* 4 matrix keyboard, to tremble
 [epp_sram.rar] - verilog FPGA code languages. Pc machine functions through a number of epp constantly write to the SRAM, and then pc send interrupt signals to interrup