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Cohen-Sutherland Program runs Line Clipping algorithm, used for the Cartesian co OpenGL
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  Directory: OpenGL program
  Dev tools: Borland C++
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  Update: 2008-11-23
  Downloads: 30
  Uploader: leonkyd
 Describe: Program runs Cohen-Sutherland Line Clipping algorithm, used for the Cartesian coordinates Cartesian coordinate system. Start-shaped: the user to enter the draw line segments start and end coordinates of the end of state: The procedure to print out after cutting the line segment
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 [cohen-Sutherland.rar] - C++ Source code, to achieve the functions of cutting a straight line, you can not modify the application.
 [c.rar] - cohen-SutherLand realize a straight line cutting two key functions
 [TwoWork.rar] - 1 \ line of the cutting algorithm cohen-Sutherland 2 \ Second, Bezier curves, second, third uniform B-spline curves (after the end of the first peak)

 [LiangBarsky.rar] - You-Xin Liang Dong-Barsky clipping algorithm, Cyrus and Beck used parametric methods than cohen-Sutherland algorithm more effective. LIANG You-Dong an
 [cohen-Sutherland.rar] - 1, cutting algorithm selection of cohen-Sutherland algorithm 2, interface design, friendly, and intuitive. Windows xp, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 of th
 [ww.rar] - This procedure to achieve the following functions: 1. Drawing teapot (T) 2. Add light (T) 3. Add texture (T) 4. Teapot rotating the left mouse button
 [2Dcuttingalgorithm.Rar] - realization of the linear cutting cohen-Sutherland algorithm and cutting polygons Sutherland-Hodgman algorithm procedures
 [ClipBoundTest.rar] - cohen-Sutherland line Clipping Algorithm
 [tuxingxueVC6.rar] - AppWizard has created this Draw application for you. This application
 [mid-pointdivision.rar] - A simple linear reduction of the mid-point division algorithm in a straight line on the screen clipping algorithm