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digit Their own source code written in matlab, neural network theory and pattern recog Graph nize
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  Directory: Graph Recognize
  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2008-11-03
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  Uploader: wangdenuan
 Describe: Their own source code written in matlab, neural network theory and pattern recognition operation on a title, with respect to figures 1 to 9 of identification, using BP neural network toolbox matlab to do the.
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 [GPNN.rar] - genetic algorithm optimization wavelet neural network matlab neural network for digital identification of the source
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 [number-recongnition.rar] - handwritten figures on the identification of problems and a variety of pattern recognition methods, such as neural networks, Bayesian methods
 [digitalidentification.rar] - Own hand-written digit recognition process we just take a look at it
 [ex3.rar] - Based on BP Neural Network recognition of characters in a simple experiment. Experimental identification of digital content.
 [] - handwritten numeral recognition, very good ah! With a GUI interface, easy to use!
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