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 Describe: Adaptive filtering ppt tutorial, very classic, we have used in this class, it is easy to understand
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 [frequencyfield.ppt.rar] - Frequency domain image processing ppt, introduced a variety of filtering techniques, such as non-unsharp masking techniques to achieve, such as freque
 [median.rar] - Median filter in image denoising, the U.S. has to help
 [zishiyingPPT.rar] - on an adaptive filter on the PPT, including LMS, RLD. Kalman filtering and the principles and application environment.

 [adaptiveIIRfiltering.rar] - adaptive filter design, very detailed. Bob Stewart
 [weiner.rar] - good Wiener filtering process is strenuous to find! Let's see it
 [programing_art.rar] - Want to design the ideal program This is a book definitely not to be missed
 [IntroductiontotheDesignandAnalysisofAlgorithms.rar] - err
 [AutomasticDigitalfilter.rar] - good adaptive digital filter ppt! I hope you like!
 [H.264codecsource(clanguage).Zip] - can use H.264 codec source (c language)
 [LSL.rar] - LSL least-squares grid-based algorithm for adaptive filtering procedures and its application