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 [MSP430-JTAG-Adapter.rar] - Original self-made using simple MSP430
 [lt-1b.rar] - Institute of Electronics-10 days Tienhsiang Singlechip MSP430 development board schematics lt-1b.rar
 [LT1BMSP430F149.rar] - MSP430F149 lt-1b development board related example programs are good.

 [MSP430_JTAG_pdf.rar] - MSP430 MCU to download the official line schematic drawings
 [lt-1b_MSP430JTAG.rar] - Institute of Electronics-10 days Tienhsiang MSP430 monolithic circuit emulator lt-1b_MSP430JTAG.rar
 [MSP430mainboard11.rar] - MSP430 development board, others designed to share click on the sent
 [LT_1B_MSP430_SoftwreFLL.rar] - LT_1B MSP430ӳSoftwareFLL
 [430_PCB.rar] - MSP430F149 their own development board PCB diagram, authentication is passed, 12V power supply
 [S1.rar] - 430 MCU 485 Interface external application
 [F449sch.rar] - MSP430F449 toolbox provided schematicdevelopment board