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zcr matlab voice signals to achieve short-term energy, zero-crossing rate of
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  Update: 2008-09-10
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  Uploader: wangxuedou
 Describe: matlab voice signals to achieve short-term energy, zero-crossing rate of short-term calculations.
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 [edgedetect.rar] - matlab code, the use of short-time speech signal energy and zero-crossing rate of short-term to achieve automatic detection of the beginning and endin
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 [] - speech analysis, can seek zero rate, short-term energy, short-term margin
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 [fenzhenchuli.rar] - Voice feature extraction, such as zero-crossing rate, energy ratio, short-term energy. MAV audio to be imported.
 [voicemark.rar] - removal of the voice signal of silence
 [wav.rar] - wav file to read. Including the generation of amplitude, phase, zero crossing rate. Enclosing the process and report.
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