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ISE_chinese Xilinx ISE Concise Guide, terminology. Pdf, Virtex Series Editor
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 Describe: Xilinx ISE Chinese Concise Guide, Xilinx Chinese terminology. Pdf, Virtex Series FPGA configuration and read-back, FPGA design checklist. Pdf, design attention. Pdf, logic design attention to the list. Pdf
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  Virtex 系列 FPGA 的配置和回读.pdf
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 [Xilinx_ise_chinese.rar] - Xilinx ise Chinese guides, very easy to understand, including the Institute of you, when I was on the school
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 [entryandcpldGuide.Rar] - position in the handbook FPGA/CPLD Quick Start. With Altera's chips and the corresponding development of software for the target vector elaborate,

 [ise_tutarial.rar] - xilinx Training Guide overhead, several ppt, on the very detailed
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 [ise_book.rar] - Xilinx ise9.x FPGACPLD Design Guide CD-ROM on the original source book contains a large amount of VHDL source code
 [ise.rar] - Getting Started Guide to configure Xilinx __ internal information! ! ! _ 10 minutes Society Xilinx FPGA design