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08722@52RD_ResetUser(MTK)1[1].0 In addition to calibra informa clear, SN, IMEI outside all the data NVRA Communica -Mobile
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  Directory: Communication-Mobile
  Dev tools: Visual C++
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  Update: 2008-08-21
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  Uploader: alkezer
 Describe: In addition to calibration information clear, SN, IMEI outside all the data NVRAM for use: 1. To enter the program BB Chipset Click the drop-down menu, choose the correct Baseband chip 2. Click the Browse button in the pop-up dialog box, select and cell phone software corresponding to the NVRAMDATABASE document (SRC) 3. Select the correct serial port and click the OK button, and then received a serial line waiting for the phone displays in the Status column immediately after PASS
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 [System_and_Debug.rar] - This is mtk platform information includes: file system, system architecture and configuration, the formation of the environment, and service!
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 [Writeimei(mtk).Rar] - very useful, we might have to try. The software platform is confined to the mtk phone.

 [mtk_SN.rar] - mtk SN_imei its software to write numbers, MTK handset manufacturers must
 [imei.rar] - Portrait of a great run! From the fifth: mtk phone No. Airmate programmer tools.
 [CDMAreadersinformationDaquan.Rar] - hand CDMA phone card information, including hardware, software control, so the mobile phone industry will use the
 [Multiport_Download_Tool.rar] - mtk platform, multi-port to download software tools, you can download more than 10 machines at the same time.
 [fileencrypt.rar] - Run the program, enter key, click the Browse button, choose to encrypt or decrypt a text file (. Txt file format), click the encryption or decryp
 [fs_lib.rar] - fs_lib, arm9 the fat file system, support nor, nandflash, useful reference and practical value
 [saolei.rar] - mtk platform game source code used in mine clearance, the current platform, MTK have not this game, although only a file, it is useful, no need to sep