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l297l298 SCM 2380000 source codes to download -
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  Update: 2008-07-28
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 Describe: L297+ L298 stepper motor control, using Proteus simulation
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 [L298_control_Motor.rar] - Motor Driver IC L298 detailed description and application of the principle circuit.
 [111.rar] - C8051F330 SCM with l297 and L298 stepper motor drive. To achieve positive
 [l297.rar] - I wrote the l297 stepper motor-driven, easy to use, the hardware is very simple.

 [STEPPER-SOFT.rar] - Stepper motor driver, MCU: AT89C51, hardware l297, L298.
 [459.rar] - Based on the l297 and L298N driver circuit of the stepper motor can directly drive stepper motor
 [L298.rar] - l297, L298 stepper motor-driven process, through the buttons to control the electrical positive
 [l297_Driven_Stepper_Motor.rar] - L298 as a drive, single-chip computer control of stepper motor.
 [steppermotor(Aschematicandroutines).Rar] - the procedures for the motor manufacturing principles, the principle of control. C51 control standards and procedures, according to method can make!
 [stepmotor1.rar] - Stepper motor program l297 l298 as a driving circuit, the procedure is relatively simple, but can be interrupted for mcs-51 has a detailed understandi
 [l298.rar] - l298 procedures conventional speed connection that is the case, EnableA then PWM signal, Input1 input positive and negative control signals, Input2 is