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  Update: 2008-07-26
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 Describe: Detailed the FAT file system (including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), I do not know which cattle were written e-books, very classic, thanks to it, I finally completed the FAT file system on the ARM realize
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 [ucos2.rar] - This book is about the cu/os a book that can help embedded development friends.
 [FATfilesystem.rar] - FAT32 file system in detail, I believe that you have read this document after fat32 file system on the development of little wonder the
 [sst39sf040.rar] - This procedure is a parallel port to read and write FLASH 39sf040 procedures, and gives call function.

 [FAT.rar] - FAT file format to read and write operations, for SD Card, C language environment
 [FAT32-cn.rar] - Microsoft FAT32 File System Specification corresponds to the Chinese version, the translation is pretty good
 [] - compiled directly running the MP3 player all C language source code contains a FAT file system. boot Boot, FLASH Driver and other content. it can be c
 [FAT_white.rar] - FAT White Paper- (exquisite). Pdf Acronis White Paper
 [FAT16.rar] - FAT16 file system principle, more detailed documentation, very good information
 [C8051F_SD_MMC.rar] - C8051 controller operation SD card file system compatible with FAT16, FAT32
 [FAT16.rar] - Based on the sd card reader 642 procedures, documentation systems for FAT16, read and write function has been transferred Qualcomm, other module is a