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vlc-0.8.1.tar University of Paris, France, the open-source project. The software is designed t Multimedia program
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  Directory: Multimedia program
  Dev tools: MultiPlatform
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  Update: 2004-12-22
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 Describe: University of Paris, France, the open-source project. The software is designed to : 1. Multimedia audio and video players, can identify almost all the media file formats : mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, etc. (realplay the format will not be identifiable); 2. As network transmission audio and video streaming media client and server side, had already achieved RTSP, rtp Unicast and multicast, and other streaming media capabilities; 3. cross-platform. Now support the following platforms : Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, BeOS, QNX operating system, etc.; The project, I spent a lot of time if they can come to the question I asked!
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 [] - IP network-based video playback system, the use of DirectPlay network data transmission, DirectShow streaming media player to achieve.

 [WRtspSvr1.0.rar] - standards-based RTSP, rtp agreement streaming media server program, support wav format, client support realplay
 [RTCPoriginalformat.Rar] - rtp agreement all part of the format, I spent a lot of efforts extracted,
 [rtplib_0.1.tar.gz] - RTP library in C (from sourceforge). Send a nd receive RTP packets.
 [MorganRTPDirectShowFilters.rar] - RTP DirectShow Filters, including server and client executable code and server-side support RTP, RTCP, RTSP and SDP
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