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SHIBIE Handwritten character recognition Matlab source code of this Demo display of han AI-NN-PR
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  Directory: AI-NN-PR
  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2008-07-05
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  Uploader: lcp1981
 Describe: Handwritten character recognition Matlab source code of this Demo display of handwritten character recognition of the various steps, including image preprocessing, cutting, size conversion, artificial neural network training and recognition and so on.
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 [] - The text on the picture identification, identification rate of 80 surcharge c# Calls [DllImport ( AspriseOCR.dll )] static extern string craboOCR (st
 [bp-char.rar] - Excellent character recognition process, based on bp neural network, the accuracy rate as high as 99 percent, after downloading any modifications to i

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 [Chininse.rar] - With VC++ Written procedures on the Chinese character recognition- based on the MFC, and very beautiful menu
 [XT10VC.0.rar] - a good patch, make text classification of different colors, help in the preparation process
 [] - include : Call text image segmentation; Adhesion character segmentation; Character recognition; Color plates segmentation; Trademark text segmentation
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