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crc16 Crypt_De algrithms 2510000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: Crypt_Decrypt algrithms
  Dev tools: C-C++
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  Update: 2008-06-18
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  Uploader: jion
 Describe: CRC algorithm, look-up table and a direct calculation of CRC algorithm, look-up table and direct calculation
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 [nonlinearClassing.rar] - err
 [] - 16 The CRC checksum function package. Consistent with the CCITT standards, look-up table method validation, fast. Save CPU time. Worth a visit!
 [CRC_check.rar] - CRC checksum, including crc8_4, crc12_4, crc16_8, crc32_8

 [CRC16FOSSfouralgorithms.Rar] - CYXLIC REDUNDANCY, C language source computing, including four algorithms, direct calculation method, semi-look-up table method, the whole look-up tab
 [SCMCRCalgorithmandimplementation.Rar] - use MCU CRC8, CYXLIC REDUNDANCY Check the concrete realization of several options
 [CRCALL.rar] - This software is the software realization of CRC, including the CRC8, CRC16, CRC32 all the algorithms, each algorithm was divided into the speed of pr
 [CRC.rar] - CRC Checksum package, including VB, C, compilation achieve CRC checksum code, detailing the principles of CRC checksum on look-up table method, semi-b
 [CRCalgorithm(includes81632).Rar] - CRC algorithm (includes 8 16 32), the original document which is not large, interested parties can study
 [CRC16.rar] - 16 CRC source code
 [unicef.orguploadprocedures.Rar] - write CRC codec procedures, collating documents, compressed files both theoretical statements, and the active code. Source code format C, VHDL, Verilo