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kpca AI-NN-PR 2250000 source codes to download -
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  Directory: AI-NN-PR
  Dev tools: matlab
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  Update: 2008-06-13
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 Describe: KPCA algorithm matlab source, kernel-based principal component analysis of the source
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 [KPCA(classicc).rar] - This is the most classic of KPCA realize matlab code, the code volume is already very lean, but I think there was a master to make the most simplified
 [kpca.rar] - KPCA the author himself procedures. It is a very worthwhile collection of classic code.
 [kpca_azaaza.rar] - KPCA kernel Principal Component Analysis algorithm source [matlab]

 [orl_programming_date.rar] - pca used in facial recognition, fisher linear discriminant kpca, dwt2
 [kpca_toy.rar] - PCA-based kernel of nonlinear reduced dimension algorithm, the original published in the Journal of neural computation, those interested can read pape
 [KPCA.rar] - kernel Principal Component Analysis of feature extraction of customer churn prediction, to share with Members.
 [KPCA_SVM_Train.rar] - Is I have written a procedure for face recognition. Wish to have the role of U.S..
 [PCA(matlab).Rar] - principal component analysis algorithm (PCA), which was prepared by a foreigner, it is very valuable reference
 [PCA_NN.rar] - PCA (Principal Component Analysis) algorithm has been widely used in engineering and science research, This report mainly from the PCA and the basic s
 [sime-kpca.rar] - Based on the semi-supervised KPCA matlab code, Based on the semi-supervised KPCA Matlab code