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  Update: 2008-06-05
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 Describe: Zhuceji easy language source code, including the calculation of the hardware code
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 [200812815510.rar] -
 [mir2hjdlq.rar] - Easy language version of the legendary multi-purpose strap landers
 [] - easy language to write a disk read `software code used in the main registration software

 [cqq.rar] - This software is for the use of fully automatic washing study group, delete friends, check the protection, investigation QB, No. drying, software cque
 [UDP_E.rar] - UDP easily penetrate the firewall language source code, containing the server and client source of the display, from Jiangxi Taoyuan network technolog
 [jmjs145.rar] - programmers in their own work completed at the time of encryption software is a good habit By Yi language to talk about a variety of encryption techno
 [e-server.rar] - easy language multi-user remote database operation-easy programming language. Chinese programming code to achieve long-range multi-user database opera
 [yanzhengmashibie.rar] - Easy language to identify the number of source code to identify the success rate of almost 100 percent, easy language version 4.1 compiler through
 [elmplayer.rar] - Multimedia player by E-language.
 [doudizhu.rar] - Written in easy languagegame. Are close to perfect. Would like to use easy language to learn the game can be a friend