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PWM MSP430 Single-chip stepper motor control application source code SCM
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  Update: 2008-06-10
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 Describe: MSP430 Single-chip stepper motor control application source code
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 [pwm.rar] - ti
 [MSP430_chengxu_daima.rar] - Inside the cabinet 51 has MSP430 MCU-based C code, has ADC, has DAC, has USART serial asynchronous communication, as well as the pwm, 1602,12864 LCD d
 [uart(p-to-p).Rar] - asynchronous serial communication code. Is a point-to-point communications code. Welcome to download.

 [RS232.rar] - MSP430 MCU and host serial communication application source code
 [huffmancode.rar] - Huffman coding to achieve compression and decompression, pay attention to is the C
 [MSP430c.rar] - err
 [MSP430_irda.rar] - IAR WorkBench, based on the infrared receiver MSP430F149 source, stable and reliable
 [MSP430kuangjia.rar] - This is the framework for MSP430 procedures. 430 on all the development, can learn from this procedure. Simply adding the necessary code can be.
 [AT45DB161D.rar] - AT45DB161D chip driver to read and write, there are several procedures, including 51, AVR, MSP430 and need to see if friends can take to deal with it.
 [pwm(adjust).Rar] - achieve pwm the adjustable frequency and duty cycle is the use ATMEL89s52 achieve. digital Display.