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PCyuPCcom pc machine and the pc serial communication based on the RS232 standard V SCM
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  Directory: SCM
  Dev tools: Visual Basic
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  Update: 2008-05-06
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 Describe: pc machine and the machine pc serial communication based on the RS232 standard VB6.0
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 [vbserialcommunications.Rar] - this paper is on the serial communication system examples, as a learning portal Serial Communication is a very good reference example, it is based on
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 [VBchuankou.rar] - VB serial port on a detailed programming reference, I believe everyone on how to carry out serial communication has reference value!

 [vbRS232comm.rar] - Serial Communication debugger for pc machine and a next-bit machine (Single Chip) serial communication between ... (with a detailed source code)
 [mp3play.rar] - mp3 decoder source code, mainly for Freescale
 [CTreeSuperGrid.rar] - VC++ Tree control in a simple example of the procedure, the corresponding MFC GUI development using tree controls are very helpful for beginners.
 [vb_common.rar] - a simple serial communication program with Visual Basic development environment. SCM and main pc machine communication program.
 [danpianjihejisuanjitongxin.rar] - Single-chip and computer serial communications, is simple and convenient means of communication, mature VB interface design and efficient single-chip
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