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zernike graphics moments for the java programs Mathimatics-Numerical algorithms
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  Dev tools: Java
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  Update: 2004-12-15
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 Describe: graphics Zernike moments for the java programs
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 [invmoments.rar] - application Matlab language from the same image output moment is the classic seven unchanged Moments value fast
 [gabortrans.rar] - image processing used in a lot of Gabor transform to extract image texture characteristics of the source code, little can be modified using the proced
 [zernike-match.rar] - right to import images from pretreatment profile targets, after processing to be a target shape translation, The scale-invariant chain expression, and

 [LSM_Match.rar] - least squares matching, image matching algorithm, the initial need to match coordinates, can reach sub-pixel accuracy
 [numberRecognition.rar] - digit identification systems, including images of the two values, and to a number of segmentation
 [zernike1.rar] - zernike moments algorithm, Matlab language can be used for image matching, etc.
 [refinementalgorithm,thevalueextractedtwobla] - refinement algorithm, the value extracted two black-and-white images of the skeleton VC
 [zernike.rar] - A Fast Algorithm for the relevant zernike thesis, high-quality, I realize with this thesis, quite good
 [4.rar] - A CCD image of the plastic-based gear defect detection methods. A102FCCD using digital camera images collected plastic gears, the transmission IEEE139
 [zernikeSubpixelRecognization.rar] - zernike sub-pixel recognition algorithm, matlab achieve.