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MIMO-OfdmDifferentChannelCompare Matlab based on the estimation contrast procedures,
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  Update: 2008-04-26
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 Describe: Matlab based on the MIMO-OFDM channel estimation different contrast procedures, quite good.
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 [Channel_estimation_for_mimo-OFDM_system.rar] - a typical application MMSE algorithm for mimo-OFDM channel estimation, contains detailed explanations
 [OFDM2.rar] - OFDM simulation, a simple LMS channel estimation, and modulation qdpsk.
 [mimo_OFDM_channel_estimation.rar] - mimo- ofdm channel estimation algorithms can be compared directly operation

 [channel-estimation-mimo-OFDM.rar] - mimo- ofdm channel estimation procedures Matlab
 [OFDM_chnMATLAB.rar] - Channel estimation algorithm and realize, matlab prepared
 [channelestimationalgorithm.Rar] - This is based on a Rayleigh fading channels LS algorithm Matlab procedures in the hope that useful for all.
 [mimo_OFDM_Ch_estimation.rar] - procedures for the realization of a mimo-OFDM channel estimation procedures, procedures for the use of 2* 2 system, could be replaced with other syste
 [] - least squares, the minimum mean square error of OFDM channel estimation MATLAB code
 [MFiles.rar] - On the OFDM channel estimation in matlab program (which includes profiles and some English simulink model)
 [ofdm_channel_estimation.rar] - Based on the pilot block channel estimation simulation, has LS, LMMSE channel estimation algorithm