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  Update: 2008-04-22
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 Describe: Minimum mean-square algorithm Matlab source code, Pattern Recognition Classifier
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 [SVMfenlei.rar] - Classical SVM support vector machine for classification of matlab procedures, can be used for identification, classification and parameter optimizatio
 [nonlinearClassing.rar] - err
 [classifier_linear.rar] - pattern recognition linear discriminant classifier C source code, and is easy to integrate and use!

 [hybridSIREKF.rar] - To estimate the input-output mapping with inputs x and outputs y generated by the following nonlinear, nonstationary state space model: x (t+ 1) = 0.5
 [lMSE-HoKashyap.rar] - least square error (lMSE) algorithm can be trained classifier uncertainty iterative algorithm. For a pair of training vectors, making vector and matri
 [lMS-matlab.rar] - Introduction based on the least mean square algorithm (lMS algorithm) of the adaptive equalizer of the principles and structure, for hardware implemen
 [basedonthelMS(minimummeansquareerroralgor] - based on the lMS (minimum mean square error algorithm) adaptive filtering of the source, based on matlab
 [lMS11.rar] - own series of the lMS algorithm matlab source of this program : produce a white noise signal sequence, using LMS adaptive algorithm for removing noise
 [lMS_matlab.rar] - adaptive minimum mean square (lMS) algorithm (based on matlab platform)
 [] - adaptive noise cancellation source, lMS adaptive filter algorithm simulation