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 Describe: Neural network toolbox and a number of classical neural networks of e-books for Beginners Introduction to Neural Networks
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 [control.rar] - Fuzzy control, I take infinite pains to collect on the fuzzy control of seven books, I selected these books in electronic format after the hope that i
 [design_xilinx_FPGA.rar] - Chinese design_xilinx_FPGA Tutorial first.
 [NonRBFModel.rar] - presents a RBF network nonlinear dynamic system modeling online resource optimization network (RON) method. RON resources distribution network in the

 [MATLABxitongfenxi_0.rar] - MATLAB-based analysis and design- Neural networks edited by Shun-Tian Lou s
 [waveletanalysisandsignalprocessing.Rar] - wavelet analysis and signal processing (Superstar format e-books)
 [Matlabsjwl.rar] - Matlab neural network application design. Pdf Matlab Application series of new electronic books Wen, Zhou Lu edited! Science Publishing House publishe
 [shenjingzheda.rar] - Zhejiang University, the use of artificial neural network tutorial, everyone, are you
 [CqOctree.rar] - Performing Color Quantization using Octree algorithm
 [basedonneuralnetworkimagerecognitionprocedu] - based on neural network identification procedures, procedures adopted a three-tier network training BP, with its definition of momentum into the train
 [MATLABToolboxfortheneuralnetworktheoryand] - MATLAB Toolbox for the neural network theory and application of a good book, detailing the MATLAB Toolbox neural network methods of using lets you eas