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  Directory: Dialog_Window
  Dev tools: Visual C++
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  Update: 2008-02-28
  Downloads: 1024
  Uploader: 王锋
 Describe: skinmagic various skin package, you need to provide a variety of different interfaces, no password
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 [SkinMagic221_1.rar] - Skinmagic managed to find a crack, and can quickly change the skin
 [] - Dialog-based program to add DialogBar very convenient, as we all know, DialogBar has a toolbar unmatched superiority, it can be placed controls, easy
 [crack.rar] - Code is the Skinmagic2.3 crack, very good use, and can be downloaded from the Internet 2.3 installation process, and then when the cover on the line

 [VCSkinMagic.rar] - A source with VC prepared Skin skin code
 [SkinMagic2.0.rar] - Plus a complete version crack SkinMagic example, to create the perfect program interface.
 [CButtonguitool.rar] - VC interface more difficult to do, where many in the VC button on the landscaping. Dialog interface type, and have DEMO procedures, optimizing the int
 [SkinMagic.rar] - a simple procedure. Demonstration of how their own procedures Lane. SkinMagic use to achieve skinnable effect.
 [SkinMagicTookit2.21brokencompletely.Rar] - SkinMagic Tookit broken completely 2.21
 [TestSkin.rar] - This procedure in the VC6.0 environment for the Skin activeskin425 control programming examples
 [testSkin.rar] - interface class library DEMO Skin, the three drugs similar to the rogue interface, a very nice interface oh.